Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Odd Ridges of Bare hill

At some point in my research of the archeology of Yates county i came across a copy of a newspaper clipping. It is marked 1955 and was included in the "Letters to the Editor" section. I assume it was posted in the Canandaigua or Penn Yan paper and was authoered by Roland E. Hart. It mentions "Graded Ways" similar to the ones found on Bluff Point. i've incuded two quotes from the article.

Among the natural features on Bare Hill there is one that has never been mentioned as far as i know. This is a series of low, tone ridges that were present on the hill's surface some years ago and may still be visible there as long lines of stone edges protruding from the soil, with shorter ridges at right angles or nearly so.
Similar ridges have been found on Bluff point Hill in south-central Yates county. Others have been reported to be present on Italy Hill ridge in southwestern Yates county.

The author goes on to describe the Bluff Point site and speculates about how glacier activiy could have created these ridges. I question this concept because these ridges run at right angles. If they only went East/West I would agree. This is not the case. At any rate the author continues:

Where this ties in with Bare Hill is that when two of us went up on Bare Hill about 1940, we found several long low rock ridges on the surface with shorter cross ridges, similar to those found on Bluff point.

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